Reorganizing the website

I am reorganizing the website…all older posts are below:

Trails are “RED” , that means closed. Please stay off them and respect the rights of our property owners.

The Dirt: Presently waiting for some wet holes to freeze up and we will be open LIMITED by Friday. I am hoping GBE/Sauble/Wiarton etc will be open then. Bass Lake Loop, trail through the Glen will be open, moving barricades from Townline bridge tonight. Whispering Pines trail will be closed for a few more days due to logging.

So, I am trying my best to download pic’s of our new “warming/information shelter but me and Windows 10 just haven’t quite come to an understanding. I know deep breath, have a drink!! Packing commences tomorrow but remember its wet underneath…don’t friggin well say I didn’t warn you! There will be a lot of wet/muddy frozen sleds by the weekend. that’s it, we’re working our butts off to open by the weekend.,  Cheers

Dec 15th Update. Kudo’s to all who have pounded stakes, put up signs and brushed trail over the last month. Its sure looking good. The Georgian Bluffs Rail Line brushing project is complete and looks fantastic. Thanks to the Municipality of Georgian Bluffs and specifically  Rick Winters (Operations Director) and Dan Wood (Facilities Mgr.) Pretty good group to work with. Rumour has it that the old dilapidated warming shack at the rear of Penn on the club trail is being given a face lift. Have to wait and see.

Work has started on the Georgian Bluffs rail line. Its turning into a much bigger an far more time consuming job than expected but our cost will remain the same. Tracks will look fantastic when this is completed. Part of our commitment is supplying a warm body to pick up the larger branches. If you can supply some time please give me a call or send an email to the club email address.

The club meeting was very well attended with lots of new faces. And nicely we now have a large portions of our trail system already signed and staked for this year.

Club Meeting Nov 10th 2015 at 7pm for the new season.

It’s at Mike Mortons 17 Pinetree in Hepworth. Club needs help or will probably fold. Not looking for a lot of time. Just need to divide the trail system up for the purposes of staking, signage and brushing.

On a positive note, Stoney Keppel and Georgian Bluffs have partnered to brush the Owen Sound to Park Head rail line and then flatten and hopefully widen this trail. Work will start on Nov 16th weather permitting. After the work is completed we need to remove all of the brush material left over.

Club News and updates.


March 26th..Incredible winter..14 weeks of great sledding. But my friends the Fat Lady is starting to bellow. Ride safe, ride sober and ride with care.

Holy Crap..What a dumping..Jingles is staying on top of our trails with the groomer. Bass Lake Loop should be challenging tomorrow..Jan 27th
Greg was going out to check the signage situation to make sure everything is in place.

January 15. Credit where due. thanks to Mad Matt the Road Warrier and Mikey the Mechanic for their hard work in completing the signage and to club Prez Greg for checking after the latest thaw. We are gtg!

January 7th 2014. Holy Crap . What a pile of snow. We are open but this mess will set us back a bit.

Nov 15th 2013.We held elections last week and our new President is Greg Rodgers. Greg is a long time sledder and manages Whispering Pines Campground.Matt Marsh remains Vice and has taken on some more tasks within the organization. Matts better half Rene will be filling the role of Treasurer. A big thanks to Phil Ckarke as past treasurer. Your club is working hard to maintain the high standards we has set for ourselves. A welcome back to our Groomer Guy Jingles. Jingles has to take some time off this past year for a foot issue( Me, I think he kicked a drag) but no matter, I think the Big Man is back.

March 20th. We are OPEN LIMITED. Thanks to Mad Matt the Road Warrier and Mikey the Mechanic for checking our trails. It would appear as if we were the powder that ignited a whole lot of clubs to re-open! Grooming in progress

March 14th. Mother Nature did not help our cause last week. We were bound and determined to stay open. Not possible. CLOSED is our status. Please respect the private property landowners and stay off. If there is any chance to re-open we will.

Feb 10th. Open . Please ride with care. Cobble Beach Resort is hosting a Family Day next Monday Feb 18th. Nothing better to do?? Sled on down. Or take the kids and skates or cross country skis.
The spur trail from the B to Mama Browns in Shallow Lake has now been staked and signed. Stop by to warm up and grab a bite. Sue is a long time supporter of our club.

Feb 1st 2013.. Saw Noah and some big wooden boat with a whole bunch of animals on our B trail today..Get my hint..Not good. The rail line is open but will not be groomed this weekend. And beside which, you can’t get there, or anywhere..The main B out of Springmount is a lake as are most of our other trails. Hoping for next weekend.

Monday Jan 28th. Closed… Please stay off our trails.

Friday Jan 25th (I think??) Busy week. We are open Limited. All Trails. Remember it’s LIMITED. Some wet, some rock, some face slappers but right now we are the place to be. And damn it, we’ve worked hard for this…Ride and enjoy!

Friday Jan 18th 2013
Lake effect has kicked in
. Our trail ( Georgian Bluffs Rail line) is now open LIMITED. Please refrain from riding others until we get them groomed up. We have opened gates for grooming, not riding!

Thurs Jan 17 2013
Forgot to post that we are closed…sorry, probably figured it out..Ground is frozen in a lot of spots..just need the Lake Effect Machine to engage..

Thursday Jan 3rd 2013
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
It’s 0511am, Canada is losing 2-0 to the Americans in the World Juniors and I’m updating our website! Something wrong with this picture? Talked with our groomer operator yesterday (Jingles) and he’ll probably start packing today or Friday but we need snow. I am going to try and open the rail line from Owen Sound to Park Head junction later today once we do a signage inspection.
8pm- The Rail Line is open Limited

Thursday Dec 13th 2012
Lost a trail.
From Penn Auto (intersection 132) going west to where we meet Saubles trails..gone due to landowner issues.
On a positive note: Please welcome Cobble Beach Spa and Resort to our trail system. Cobble is located just north of Owen Sound , off the Bass Lake Loop. You need to see to believe. Cobble is offering 30% a first time stay. More info to follow.
Many of our trails are already staked, just need cold and snow..

Monday October 8th 2012 and Happy Thanksgiving.
Short and to the point…Pray for snow!

Weds Nov 30th 2011
Check out .
It’s sledders talking to sledder pretty much Ontario specific. If you have any questions regarding sledding in Grey Bruce fire away. If I can’t answer I’ll either find out or re-direct.

Saturday November 26 2011
Some trail changes and fixin has occured in the last couple of weeks
We have completed a new trail to link the Bass Lake Loop off the tracks. It is about 2 km e/of the former intersection 124
running north through a county forest. (4 km w/of Owen Sound)
Our new B has been cleaned up and the swamp is no longer an issue.
Water hole on the B at McNabb Lake has been fixed with lots of machine work and fill.
The wet stretch at intersection 130 has been graded and the trail raised.
Welcome Cobble Beach Inn this year. We are running a spur trail off Church Rd (Bass Lake Loop) to their fine establishment.
Probably half of our trails are now staked and signed with the rest to be completed shortly. Destination signage to follow.

Sunday October 23 2011
That was quick! We are back. Bigger and better I hope. Bigger in that we are working hard to clear the trails a little bit wider. Better. Hell we are the best and we strive to maintain that reputation. We’ve added a trail to the Cobble Beach Resort. More to follow on that. We are presently wearing out chain saw blades and volunteers and ….we might even have a new re-route and it will be sweet (County Forest , tall pines and flat)
More shortly!

Monday May 16 2011
The Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League won the OHL Championship on Sunday in Mississauga and can now proudly showcase the Robertson Cup for the next year. Congratulations to all on a job well done. Further congrats to Robby Mignardi as he was named playoff MVP.

Friday March 18 2011
I just notified Karen at the District 9 OFSC office to close our trails. On behalf of the members of the Stoney Keppel Riders I would like to extend a big thanks to our landowners and volunteers for making this a great season. To those who purchased trail passes from us, thank you. I hope we met or exceeded your expectations while sledding our trails. We are aware of several problem areas and will be working hard this year to elimate our wet areas and also widen out some trails. You will also notice more destination signage next winter, just couldn’t get to it this year.We will be working with the OFSC and other member clubs to have some “Early Openning Trails” next year.Thanks.

Saturday March 5 2010
We keep dodging the heavy rains but it’s slowly catching up with our base. Please, if you’re riding, ride with care and caution. We’ll see how much snow we get this afternoon but the long ranger is not good. Add some stabilizer to your fuel just in case.

Saturday Feb 19 2011
We are open limited.please be aware that these are not the same conditions we had two weeks ago. These trails are now rock hard and icy. Cornering and braking will be totally different. Be aware of washout areas in fields and at road crossings where runoff has undermined ice/snow bridges over low spots.

Wedsnesday Feb 2 2011
Happy White Rodent Day! Well Willie didn’t see his shadow, it was rigged he was in a tent, so that means Spring in 6 weeks I guess.
We received about a foot of heavy power that has leveled a whole pile of our trails. Jingles and crew will have their hands full digging us out for the next few days.Next to that, ride safe. Let’s not have another weekend in the snowmobiling community like the last one.

Thursday January 21 2011
Did a tour up the Bruce yesterday with OFSC Provincial Trail Auditors. Interesting stuff. Well worth my time.We went north from Wiarton on the B107 (forget it for right now, needs more snow) to Lions Head, gas in Ferndale, lunch at ‘Mom’s” and return via B108 to the Beach . B108 is in great shape, not the greatest for markings but a ride ride. I was invitied along today but made the excuse that I had to wash my cat ( to clean up some signage issues I learned about on our tour)
Ours trails….real good!

Sunday January 9th 2011
We are open limited again. Thanks to all who helped with our remarkable recovery to “limited” status.

Saturday Dec 25 2010
Merry Christmas.
Trails are fragile,don’t beat them up please.

Sunday Dec 19 2010
We’re open

Tuesday November 23 2010
Grey Sauble Conservation was gracious, to a point, and I had to rely heavily on the Catto Family (Glendale Farms) for the second half of this re-route. Walked it yesterday and will walk it today with Rob Lee to see if we actually can punch a hole in Stoney Keppel to complete this section.
Kudo’s to the bridge widening/post hole/gate hanging crew from last weekend. Keep it up boys.

Monday November 15th 2010
Our work party was an outstanding success. Over 25 dedicated sledheads gave it all for a day with incredible results. One big swamp down and one hardwood ridge left and we’re through , the re-route will be complete. Sort of funny, but not really is we’ve already had two re-routes on the “re-route” Kudos to Rob and Jim Lee from Shallow Lake. Rob has been operating the high hoe for us over the past week. Money very well spent.

Note to self…check camera batteries before you leave house stupid! I’ll fix that tomorrow! Snow is coming , just two more weeks of this seasonal stuff would be nice !

That’s it for nowSmile