Club Executive set for 2017-2018

2017-2018 Club Executive

PRESIDENT: Mark O’Leary or 519 375 1441
VICE PRESIDENT: Brent Barfoot or 519 375-4839
DIRECTOR: Paul Davis
ADMIN: Christy Carson or 519-378-8406
TREASURER: Paula Harnack
SIGNAGE COORDINATOR: Matt Marsh or 519 374-4413
RISK MANAGEMENT: Matt Marsh or 519 374-4413
SHACK BUILD/INFO: Mike Morton or 519 379-6540

AGM & Elections

Happy to see some new faces at the last meeting and also to chat with some that couldn’t make it!

Our next meeting (AGM) will be on November 23rd at 7pm. At that meeting we will be holding elections to fill all positions.
Positions that we need to fill are:
Vice President
Signage Coordinator
Risk Manager Officer
Signage Inspector
Landowner Coordinator
If you have interest in filling any of the above please let me know by November 15th so that we can organize the election for the 23rd…should there be more than one volunteer for any position.
We do need to set up some dates to finish the shack. I’ll post/email any info on that as soon as I know.