Closed for the season 2015/2016

2015-2016 snowmobile season “it is what it is” or “Sucks to be us!” We are closed


Older news/trail conditions below:


Please check out “News” for information on Bill 100 “In support of Ontarios Trails 2015)

OK. Here we go. It wet underneath that 4 feet of fluffy stuff. Packing will commence tomorrow. So close folks

 Done, over, closed, Thanks to all, see you in 8 months

Open for business folks..Trails are FANTASTIC but things are starting down the dirty path of spring. Please ride with caution. 

Snowing like a good thing here right’s too soon. Get your permits before Nov 1 online for $180

GAS: a quick rundown of some of the source for fuel in our area

Springmount (Cty 18) 530am-11pm-north of B trail 300m
Shallow Lake Service Center- off rail line, daily, not sure about Sunday
Penn Auto Hepworth-Cty 10  8am-6pm Mon-Fri (premium only)
UPI Hepworth Hwy 6/Cty 10 opposite Tim Hortons (close to trails) 7am-11pm|
Shenstone Motel -B107 n/of Hepworth- on trail, food and bed also
Naves- Sauble Beach, n/of main intersection on Parkway 7am-9pm..not sure about Sun
Hoppys Garage Tobermory 596-2587


Colborne SkiDoo Shop- Shallow Lake 7 days
Kellers(Shallow Lake Service Center) Mon-Sat                                                            

District 9 Trail Status – click here for more information –