About Us

2018-2019 Club Executive

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Brent Barfoot
SECRETARY: Christy Carson
TREASURER: Paula Harnack

 Stoney Keppel Riders History

The Stoney Keppel Riders Snowmobile Club was initially formed in 1972. It is to this day one of the oldest organized snowmobile clubs in Ontario. The formation of the Stoney Keppel Riders occurred as a result of several people coming together with an idea and passion to open organized trails for the snowmobiling community in the Shallow Lake area. During that year, a trail was developed that ran from Owen Sound to Red Bay, with the hub being the Stoney Keppel Riders Snowmobile Club’s shack.

This shack was built and constructed by the same group on the property of Barry Howey in thep2090014_medium Shallow Lake area. To this day, Mr. Howey is an ardent club supporter and community resident. The club’s shack was initially constructed as a lean to, built to keep cold snowmobiler’s out of the snow & wind, serve warm drinks and cook light meals.

In 1992, the Stoney Keppel Riders Snowmobile Club had groomer operator Dan Tolhurst design a new logo, this being the “Swamp Rat”. This logo remains the club identifier to this date.


On January 8, 1997, the club suffered a tragic loss when their president Bob Brady lost his life in a snowmobiling accident. The club nearly folded as membership declined following this horrible accident.

The Stoney Keppel Riders are an affiliated Club within the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC – District #9). It’s members, now numbering approximately 25, maintain approximately 60 km’s of groomed trails in the Shallow Lake & Hepworth area.

On June 14th 2010 the world came to a standstill (did you notice) when the Howey property sold and we waited for the news. News was not favourable, the new owner declined access to the northern half of the property and our beloved Shack. Negotiations has lead to us retaining access to the southern portion of the property and B trail but the new owner has requested we find a re-route.

Without the support of the current and past landowners, this system would not exist. It is a relationship the club has had for numerous years. These trails encompass a vast variety of riding for the snowmobiling enthusiast, some through rolling fields, thick cedar and hardwood bush with majestic views over Georgian Bay.

Community support for this club has been strong since its inception, ranging from local snowmobile/ATV dealerships, service stations, and corner variety stores to Pre-Cast Stone suppliers. Club members annually organize and support local charity events, including Winterama/Easter Seal Snowmobile rides.

The Stoney Keppel Riders are a well-organized and efficient Club, supporting their own existence through community involvement and local donors. Proud of their past and assisting with snowmobiling education and safety for the future; our children will maintain the trail system of the future.

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