AGM & Elections

Happy to see some new faces at the last meeting and also to chat with some that couldn’t make it!

Our next meeting (AGM) will be on November 23rd at 7pm. At that meeting we will be holding elections to fill all positions.
Positions that we need to fill are:
Vice President
Signage Coordinator
Risk Manager Officer
Signage Inspector
Landowner Coordinator
If you have interest in filling any of the above please let me know by November 15th so that we can organize the election for the 23rd…should there be more than one volunteer for any position.
We do need to set up some dates to finish the shack. I’ll post/email any info on that as soon as I know.

Fall Meeting

Meeting next Thursday, October 26th, 7pm at the shack! We will be discussing trail brushing, staking, closures, reroutes and landowner agreements.

We would like to encourage max attendance so please bring a new snowmobiling buddy along!



Stoney Keppel President stepping down

Sadly our President Randy Walker has decided to step down from the club. On behalf of all members of Stoney Keppel Riders and all the snowmobilers that have enjoyed the trails in our area, we would like to thank Randy Walker for his thankless years of hard work with our club and the ofsc. Most people that enjoy our sport have no idea the amount of work a person like Randy puts in over the years to keep things running smoothly at the club and district level. Your knowledge and dedication are going to missed around here, but thanks for everything you have done.

Mark O’Leary- Treasurer -Stoney Keppel Riders & Brent Barfoot – Vice President Stoney Keppel Riders

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday to 1997 when SKR members assisted the MNR with towing a lake lung onto Chesley Lake for fisheries enhancement. I know Mike Morton is somewhere in the photo, any idea who else is there?


Meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 4th) at 7pm. Location is the SKR Shack behind Penn Auto.

Closed….+13 in February!

Stoney Keppel trails are closed…this isn’t how I saw February going either.

Due to serious concerns regarding rider safety and property damage the Stoney Keppel Riders are forced to close their trails.

Snow bridges are collapsing, more and more rocks are becoming exposed and the trail condition has deteriorated drastically.

Please respect the landowners and stay off until we can regroup and re-open.

Trails looking great & SKR Groomer is back in action!

Thanks to all involved, our Kubota is back in operation. Thank you to the groomer team for shifting machines around over the last two weeks.

Gorgeous trails in Stoney Keppel today! #ofsc #district9 #snowmobile

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