We are planning on commencing grooming on Friday January 6th weather permitting. We have received a great deal of moisture in a short period of time and hopefully the mess will start to freeze by the weekend. Standby for more.


Our trails are open limited. Please respect that some neighbouring clubs are not so check the interactive map for that.

See you out there tomorrow ūüėČ

Trail Update

It looks like the earliest we will be grooming in Sunday. Still have some staking left to do and brushing. We are really waiting out of respect for our landowners with winter wheat. I am expecting grooming will start full time on Sunday with trails to open shortly thereafter.

We also need to have our signage inspected by our team prior to officially opening the trails.

SKR Shack update

Apparently Santa Claus has already made an appearance at the new SKR SHACK. Although the donor probably wishes to remain anonymous I will say that they used only the finest in ‚ÄúShouldice Designer Stone‚ÄĚ.


Randy Walker


Stoney Keppel Riders

Meeting December 13th

Lets have a meeting next Tuesday night Dec 13th 730pm at Mike Mortons Pine Tree Drive just south of Hepworth, last house on right at end of cul.

Anyone with LUP’s please bring them.

And please remember we are in a ‚Äúfinish the clubhouse‚ÄĚ fundraising mode. If you can contribute please contact Mike Morton.

And a big thanks to those who already have made a donation.

-from Randy

Update November 2016

On a really positive note, I mean really positive note Christy Carson has offered to take over the website and FB stuff and will be starting very shortly. I think our club has made some very positive moves recently, thanks largely to some pretty cool people and their genuine interest in our sport.

I would further like to welcome some new members to the SKR executive.
Mark OLeary has assumed the role as 1st Vice President
Brent Barfoot will be assuming the role as 2nd Vice
I can’t announce Treasurer yet as he’s still on holidays and doesn’t know it yet.
Randy Walker remains as President, District Nine Representative and Landowner Coordinator
Matt Marsh, former VP has agreed to stay on as Signage Coordinator
Paul Davis, former Secretary Treasurer  has agreed to stay on as Signage Inspector
Thanks to Paul and Matt for all their efforts .
Moving forward we will be looking for more volunteers in other positions, namely Clubhouse and Social.

Oh, did I mention the “new” Shack” is progressing nicely. More to follow.



Grey Bruce Loops Ontario Snowmobile Tour / Intrepid Snowmobiler


There are many reasons you should snowmobile Grey Bruce loops for your snowmobile vacation‚Ķthe Grey Bruce area¬†is favourably sandwiched between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. For snowmobilers, these lake effect snowmakers generate some of southern Ontario‚Äôs best snow conditions, pushing white streamers to bury the land even when other areas aren‚Äôt getting any. Our Snow Goer Canada crew ‚Äď Craig & Dawn Irwin, Dan Carty, Brent Murphy and I ‚Äď were first hand beneficiaries of this bounty as it snowed four of the five days we visited what is also the northern part of District 9 of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) and of the tourism region Grey Bruce Simcoe.

Click link below for full article

Grey Bruce Loops Ontario Snowmobile Tour / Intrepid Snowmobiler

September 25th Update

Sept 25th Update

Warming Shack: Progress is being made. Pretty disappointing attendance at the¬†work party¬†last weekend. I expect to get a call to announce another one here shortly. I normally just email club members as a group. If you would like to be included please send an email to “ as I continually forget to check the club email???

Bill 100

Bill 100 passed parliament on May 18th with only 3 members voting against. At a recent Saugeen Landowners Association Meeting one of the lead voices in the fight against Bill 100 , Elizabeth Marshall, actually supported the OFSC and it’s modified Land Use Agreement and suggested that ( hypothetically) ¬†if approached as a landowner she would sign to allow use across her land. A new LUP will be presented to our landowners for their consideration¬†this fall.

Update to Bill 100: The club has been working extremely hard to minimize the damage caused by the mis-information regarding Bill 100 but there is still going to be some trails lost. Please respect closed gates as many of the landowners are taking a very guarded approach to this situation.
On a positive note  the latest correspondence I received indicated that the government is willing to listen to amendments to the wording within the Bill to clarify and address the concerns of the various users groups. The OFSC and the Ontario Trails Council are spearheading this effort . There are more and more individuals and organizations who have come out in support of this Bill after researching it.

Attention Landowners in reference to Bill 100 ( In support of Ontario Trails 2015) presently before the provincial legislature:

Bill 100 and some of its contents has lately¬†became the subject of much discussion among the community in this area and with this discussion has also come some “mis-information” about its contents and its intent. The concept of this bill originates from the Mike Harris government and its intent was to protect existing landowner rights while offering long term solutions to those seeking such. The committee listened to various “user groups” as well as farmers OFA)¬†and other private landowners in this Province¬†and groups that work in conjunction with these groups.¬† A group known¬†as the Ontario Landowners Association has raised false alarm¬†with this bill. In a printed statement from this group they state that if this Bill passes through¬†Provincial Parliament it could force a private landowner¬†to be subject¬†to easements from¬†user groups such as snowmobile clubs. This is not true. Section 12 (3)¬†of the bill states that ¬†: Any owner of land MAY grant an easement with or without covenants to one or more eligible bodies¬†.

No where in this Bill 100 does it state otherwise. It is your property and you have the ultimate decision over who you let on your land. If you as a landowner do not agree to and enter into an easement with one of the user groups then none shall be imposed.

The Stoney Keppel Riders value our landowners and the permission granted to use for the use of their lands for the expressed purposes of snowmobiling. You as a landowner have a written Land Use Agreement with your snowmobile club and we value that relationship. Nothing in Bill 100 changes this agreement.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the Ontario Trails Council, the Bruce Trail Conservancy as well as outspoken land rights advocate MPP Randy Hiller all support this Bill . Schedules 2,3,4,and 5 also offer increased protection for all landowners and other groups as well as increased fines for such offences as trespassing and damages .

For further information please refer to an article in the Manitoulin Expositor dated Feb 17 under Local News or look for media releases from the OFA, OTC and BTC. MPP Randy Hillier has also offered support. Inquirers can be sent to his MPP website.

Manitoulin Snowdusters, minister assures landowners properties safe with Bill 100