Closed….+13 in February!

Stoney Keppel trails are closed…this isn’t how I saw February going either.

Due to serious concerns regarding rider safety and property damage the Stoney Keppel Riders are forced to close their trails.

Snow bridges are collapsing, more and more rocks are becoming exposed and the trail condition has deteriorated drastically.

Please respect the landowners and stay off until we can regroup and re-open.

Trails looking great & SKR Groomer is back in action!

Thanks to all involved, our Kubota is back in operation. Thank you to the groomer team for shifting machines around over the last two weeks.

Gorgeous trails in Stoney Keppel today! #ofsc #district9 #snowmobile

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We are open limited as of yesterday afternoon. Matt sent some photos in today to give a heads up about what to expect out there in the wetter areas. These photos are of the B trail in 2013 but he says we are pretty much the same water wise now. We don’t have the skid bridge this year though. Hoping for some colder temps!!

In 2013 volunteers built the bridge, Dave McNabb supplied the skids.


We are planning on commencing grooming on Friday January 6th weather permitting. We have received a great deal of moisture in a short period of time and hopefully the mess will start to freeze by the weekend. Standby for more.


Our trails are open limited. Please respect that some neighbouring clubs are not so check the interactive map for that.

See you out there tomorrow 😉

Trail Update

It looks like the earliest we will be grooming in Sunday. Still have some staking left to do and brushing. We are really waiting out of respect for our landowners with winter wheat. I am expecting grooming will start full time on Sunday with trails to open shortly thereafter.

We also need to have our signage inspected by our team prior to officially opening the trails.

Closed for the season 2015/2016

2015-2016 snowmobile season “it is what it is” or “Sucks to be us!” We are closed


Older news/trail conditions below:


Please check out “News” for information on Bill 100 “In support of Ontarios Trails 2015)

OK. Here we go. It wet underneath that 4 feet of fluffy stuff. Packing will commence tomorrow. So close folks

 Done, over, closed, Thanks to all, see you in 8 months

Open for business folks..Trails are FANTASTIC but things are starting down the dirty path of spring. Please ride with caution. 

Snowing like a good thing here right’s too soon. Get your permits before Nov 1 online for $180

GAS: a quick rundown of some of the source for fuel in our area

Springmount (Cty 18) 530am-11pm-north of B trail 300m
Shallow Lake Service Center- off rail line, daily, not sure about Sunday
Penn Auto Hepworth-Cty 10  8am-6pm Mon-Fri (premium only)
UPI Hepworth Hwy 6/Cty 10 opposite Tim Hortons (close to trails) 7am-11pm|
Shenstone Motel -B107 n/of Hepworth- on trail, food and bed also
Naves- Sauble Beach, n/of main intersection on Parkway 7am-9pm..not sure about Sun
Hoppys Garage Tobermory 596-2587


Colborne SkiDoo Shop- Shallow Lake 7 days
Kellers(Shallow Lake Service Center) Mon-Sat                                                            

District 9 Trail Status – click here for more information –